Pug – Dog Crates

While searching for an appropriate dog crate, consider how big you expect your Pug to grow. Pugs are generally on the smaller size. See the below average dimensions.
Dog crates usually show a strength rating based on weight of dog.
Average weight of adult Pug = 14-18 lbs

Make sure your dog crate is a few inches higher than your dogs height.
Average height of adult Pug = 10-11 inches.

A little about Pugs:
There are two generally accepted thoughts of how the name Pug came about. First, the word Pug is derived from the Latin word “pugnus” which means fist. Many people see the resemblance between a clenched fist and the shape of a Pugs head. Second, Pug monkeys were a popular pet in the eighteenth century and Pug dogs look very similar to them. “Multium in parvo” is a latin expression which means “A lot in a little package”. This is a reference that is used often when describing the Pug. p
The Pug is obviously from the Toy Group of dogs but it’s a bit of an exception. Its ancestry is derived from the Mastiff and retains many of that breeds characteristics. The Pugs origins begin in the Orient were they were miniaturized. You could often see this breed in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. The Chinese character for prince resembled the wrinkle found on the forhead of the Pug. A wonderful coincidence for the breed, which resulted in there rapid growth in the region.
The Pug found its way to the Netherlands were they became quite popular.
By 1790, the Pug could be found in France. Napoleons wife used her Pug to carry messages to Napoleon when she was imprisoned. Pugs were first brought to England during Victorian times and became incredibly popular with the wealthy.
Pugs made it to America in the nineteenth century and found themselves competing as show dogs and as loved family pets.

The Pug needs daily moderate exercise. Its needs are met with a good daily walk. Consider your dogs daily exercise requirements when figuring out your crate training schedule.
Pug exercise requirements = 2 out of 5
(5 being the breed of dog that requires the highest level of exercise)

The pug makes a great family pet. They personalities can be described as really funny and there little bodies are perfect with for how they prance around as thought they are a bigger dog then they are. They can be stubborn at times but for the most part they aim to please and most Pug owners will agree that they are a wonderful addition to their home.
Average life span of the Pug = 12-15 years
Dog crates combined with dogs not getting enough exercise will result in behavior problems. Dog crates work best when your dog is getting the exercise he needs. If you’re going to use a dog crate, make sure he’s getting that exercise.
Both you and he will be happier for it.