Greyhound – Dog Crates

While searching for an appropriate dog crate, consider how big you expect your Greyhound to grow. Dog crates usually show a strength rating based on weight of dog.
Average weight of adult male Greyhound = 65-70 lbs
Average weight of adult female Greyhound = 60-65 lbs

Make sure your dog crate is a few inches higher than your dogs height.
Average height of adult male Greyhound = 27-29 inches
Average height of adult female Greyhound = 26-28 inches

A little about the Greyhound:
A sighthound is a dog that primarily hunts with speed and sight instead of scent and endurance. One of the first types of dogs that were selectively bred by humans was the sighthound. When it comes to the subject of fast running dogs, most people think of the Greyhound breed. Sighthounds are used primarily for hunting in the open where their sharp eyesight can target pray. Early accounts of the Greyhound breed goes back to the 5th century BCE in the United Kingdom. In 1014 British nobility established laws to prohibit all Greyhounds from hunting within royal forests. These laws remained in effect for hundreds of years. As farming increased and domestic animals became a more common source of food, the interest in this breed decreased. g
In the 1800s, the sport of racing Greyhounds took hold of the upper class. Early American immigrants brought the Greyhounds with them from England. This type of racing continued in America. Track racing began in 1926 were the Greyhound would chase a mechanical lure.
The Greyhound was recognized as a breed in 1885. The breed was divided into two types, show Greyhounds and racing Greyhounds.
The Greyhound is extremely well mannered, calm and quiet. They are very loving creatures and enjoy the company of humans and other dogs.
Greyhounds are bred for sprinting and not for endurance. Long hard walks are not necessary for this breed. Moderate walks with the leash and or providing an area where he can sprint around should be enough for his daily exercise. Consider the level of exercise your Greyhound needs when figuring out your crate training schedule.
Greyhound exercise requirements = 3 out of 5
(5 being the breed of dog that requires the highest level of exercise)

Average life span of the Greyhound = 10-13 years
Dog crates combined with dogs not getting enough exercise will result in behavior problems. Greyhounds needs their daily exercise for them to behave well at home. Dog crates work best when your dog is getting the exercise he needs. If you’re going to use a dog crate, make sure he’s getting that exercise. Both you and he will be happier for it.