Siberian Husky – Dog Crates

While searching for an appropriate dog crate, consider how big you expect your Siberian Husky to grow. Dog crates usually show a strength rating based on weight of dog.
Average weight of adult male Siberian Husky = 45-60 lbs
Average weight of adult female Siberian Husky = 35-50 lbs

Make sure your dog crate is a few inches higher than your dogs height.
Average height of adult male Siberian Husky = 21-23.5 inches.
Average height of adult female Siberian Husky = 20-22 inches.

A little about the Siberian Husky:
The ancestry of the Siberian Husky is for the most part unknown. The earliest historical records of the breed shows that it was developed in northeast Asia by the Chukchi people. The Siberian Husky evolved over hundreds of years as a sled dog for these people. During the Alaskan gold rush, sled dogs became a necessity and a great demand for them grew. h
With the great increase in sled dog teams, the people of the region found entertainment in racing. The Chukchi Huskies were first entered in the 1909 All Alaska sweepstakes race. This race was between Nome and Candle, which is about a 408 mile race. These dogs caught the eye of a racer who purchased a number of them to race in the following year.
His three teams came in 1st, 2nd and 4th place.
So started the great public interest in the Siberian Husky.
In 1925 they became credited for saving the town of Nome from a diphtheria outbreak. A Siberian Husky sled team raced 340 miles to this town with diphtheria serum. Around this time, the first Siberian Husky’s came to Canada and the United States.
They were recognized as a breed in 1930.
In World War II the Siberian Husky’s were well known to be excellent search and rescue dogs for the army.
The Siberian Husky is fun loving, alert, clever, independent and adventurous. They can be mischievous and stubborn at times. The breed found its way into homes as a wonderful family pet. It’s one of the most popular arctic breeds.

As you would imagine the Siberian Husky being an excellent sled dog needs a great deal of exercise. It’s an active dog that has been bread to tirelessly run for miles. It needs a lot of daily exercise. Consider your dogs daily exercise requirements when figuring out your crate training schedule.
Siberian Husky exercise requirements = 4 out of 5
(5 being the breed of dog that requires the highest level of exercise)

Average life span of the Siberian Husky = 11-13 years
Dog crates combined with dogs not getting enough exercise will result in behavior problems. Dog crates work best when your dog is getting the exercise he needs. If you’re going to use a dog crate, make sure he’s getting that exercise.
Both you and he will be happier for it.