Sample Crating Schedule for Older Dogs

If your dog is over a year old you should see that he can now hold his bladder and bowels for much longer than when he was a puppy.

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You might have to crate your dog while you’re at work. With longer periods of time in the crate it’s recommended that he gets a midday break for exercise and being able to potty. If you’re not able to get him this break, make sure you put great focus on him getting extra attention and exercise.
You should never crate your dog longer than nine hours. If the rare occasion occurs that this does happen he will be ok.
Just remember that your dog has needs and those needs must be met for him to be mentally, emotionally and physically fit. Different breads of dog require different levels of exercise. Set a realistic schedule for in and out of the crate. Both you and your dog will be happier if you do.

Here’s a sample dog crating schedule.
You’ll of course have to customize your crating schedule based on your dogs age and specific needs.

7:30 am Wake up and take him to go potty.
7:40 am Feed your dog breakfast.
7:50 am Put your dog in his crate.
8:30 am You leave for work.
5:30 pm You come home from work and take him to go potty.
7:00 pm Potty break.
7:30 pm Feed your dog dinner.
7:40 pm Potty break.
10:00 pm Final potty break. Dog goes in crate for the night if necessary.

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