Sample Crating Schedule for Puppy

It’s so important to be consistent with your puppy crate training. If you can stick to a schedule your puppy will see the pattern and eventually know what to expect.
If you don’t keep a schedule your puppy will be confused and his training will go much slower. Don’t forget that the younger your puppy is the more potty breaks he will need.
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It’s no small task to stick to a puppy’s crate training schedule. Your little friend will be so happy if you do.
Here’s a sample crating schedule.

You’ll of course have to customize your crating schedule based on the puppies age and specific needs.

7:30 am Wake up and take him to go potty.
7:40 am Feed your puppy breakfast.
7:50 am Another potty break before you put him in his crate.
8:30 am You leave for work.
12:30 pm A friend gives puppy a potty break.
12:40 pm A friend gives puppy a midday meal.
12:45 pm A friend gives puppy another potty break before putting him in his crate.
5:30 pm You come home from work and take him to go potty.
6:30 pm Potty break.
7:30 pm Feed your puppy dinner.
7:40 pm Potty break.
9:00 pm Potty break. Remove puppy’s water, for bladder control all nite.
10:00 pm Final potty break. Puppy goes in crate for the night.

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