Crate training a dog from a puppy mill

A “Puppy Mill” is a dog breeding operation who’s focus is on profits above animal well being. I’m strongly opposed to anyone purchasing a puppy from such a place.
Some dog shelters have puppy’s / dogs rescued from Puppy Mills.

If your puppy is from a Puppy Mill, you will find it more challenging to housebreak him with a crate. Puppy Mills usually keep many different dogs of varying breeds in the same kennel. They are never let out and are forced to eliminate in their cages.
They are not raised inside with families and learn that it’s okay to eliminate in their dens. Puppies are also removed from their mothers too early. Mothers clean their puppy’s and teach the importance of staying clean.
Puppy’s learn early that it’s ok to live in their mess. Once this is learned, it’s very hard to unlearn. If your little guy is from a Puppy Mill, house breaking with a puppy crate isn’t a good idea. I recommend that you research alternate house breaking methods.
There are other crating benefits for this type of dog:
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Give your puppy his own space
Deterring Destructive Habits
A safe place to recuperate
Time Out Area
Travel Safety

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