English Cocker Spaniel – Dog Crates

While searching for an appropriate dog crate,
consider how big you expect your English Cocker Spaniel to grow.
Dog crates usually show a strength rating based on weight of dog.

Average weight of adult male English Cocker Spaniel = 28-34 lbs
Average weight of adult female English Cocker Spaniel = 26-32 lbs

Make sure your dog crate is a few inches higher than your dogs height.
Average height of adult male English Cocker Spaniel = 16-17 inches
Average height of adult female English Cocker Spaniel = 15-16 inches

A little about the English Cocker Spaniel:
Cocker Spaniels became extremely three purebred cockerspopular in England, but American breeders endeavored to change the breed in ways that traditional English Cocker Spaniel enthusiasts objected to. English and American Cocker Spaniels were shown together until 1936, when the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America was formed and the English Cocker received status as a separate variety.
In 1946 the English Cocker was designated a separate breed. After the breeds were separated, the American Cocker became the dominant breed in popularity but only in America. Throughout the rest of the world, the English Cocker is by far the more popular of the two breeds and is known simply as the Cocker Spaniel.

Consider your dogs daily exercise requirements when figuring out your crate training schedule.
English Cocker Spaniel exercise requirements = 3 out of 5
(5 being the breed of dog that requires the highest level of exercise)

The English Cocker Spaniel retains more of it’s hunting nature than does the American version. That being said it requires a little more daily exercise.
Average life span of the English Cocker Spaniel = 12-14 years
Dog crates combined with dogs not getting enough exercise will result in behavior problems. Dog crates work best when your dog is getting the exercise he needs. If you’re going to use a dog crate, make sure he’s getting that exercise.
Both you and he will be happier for it.