Barking and Running into the crate door.

I’ve been hearing dog owners describe the following behavior when crate training and think it’s worth writing about. Some dogs throw themselves into the dog crate door and/or bark when they know they are being let out.
How can you teach your dog to stop doing that?

running intoAs in all dog training, the first step is to understand why he’s doing it.
As I’m sure you’ve guessed, he’s trying to show you that he wants out of the crate. He might need to go potty or just be excited to play.

For whatever reason he is trying to simply communicate,
“Hurry up and let me out!”.

If he’s doing this and you quickly let him out, guess what’s happening in your dog’s mind? He’s thinking, “Excellent. I have just successfully trained you to let me out of the crate faster.”
To correct this behavior, do the following. Any time your dog does this, stop all motion towards opening the crate. You want to consistently show him that every time he behaves this way it will have the opposite effect. If you see that he’s starting to learn the desired behavior you might also want to reward him with a treat.
Stick with it and you should see results pretty fast.