An “Accident” in the puppy crate

What should you do if your puppy goes potty in the crate?
Remember that your puppy is in training and that accidents happen.
The little guy won’t be happy about it.

Perhaps you haven’t been sticking to the puppy’s schedule. Or the schedule needs some adjusting, e.g., more frequent potty breaks. Maybe you were distracted and didn’t see him signaling you that he needs to go. When you discover the accident, don’t assume that he has completely relieved himself. He may still be holding back as much as he can. Remove him from his crate and take him out right away.
Thoroughly clean the puppy crate and make sure there’s no elimination scent left when you are done cleaning. Don’t clean with anything that contains ammonia. It could remind him of urine and make him think that the crate is a new potty area. Be careful to remove whatever disinfectant you are using by thoroughly rinsing and drying the crate. You don’t want your puppy ingesting any of those chemicals.
Remember to also clean anything that was in the crate, including the puppy.

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